Canon Photomarathon 2014 Hong Kong

Canon PhotoMarathon 2014 Hong Kong

An enjoyable photography competition event “Canon PhotoMarathon 2014 Hong Kong” held successfully at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

I am no fans of Canon, in fact, I am no fans of any brand, I use Nikon for work, I use old Olympus (not the mirrorless), Minolta, and a no brand TLR for leisure. So I go into this contest is not about brand love.

In the morning, the crowd beginning to build up, hundreds of contestants lining is quite a view. Same as last year, they are well organised, we have no difficult checking-in.

Official contest T-shirt distributing, crowded changing room issue, official announcement, group photos, when all these are done, contestants with no hesitation rush out of the convention hall. What about the contest theme? At each theme’s scheduled time, SMS messages will be sent to our phone. The Canon PhotoMarathon is now begin.

Canon Photomarathon 2014 Hong Kong

This year’s Canon PhotoMarathon has checkpoints, within the contest, contestants have to get to the particular checkpoints. It limits contestants route planning, even though we have whole day to run around, or perhaps take taxis.

The photo themes are as usual head scratching, we managed to let ourselves forget the meaning of words, then follow our gut, feel and mood to shoot. The result is, we are having fun, to the checkpoint, I choose enjoyments, shoot around with the props.

Canon Photomarathon 2014 Hong Kong

This is a very short story I write. I am not writing the whole contest in detail, because informations are already published on the official site and the internet.

The Canon PhotoMarathon provides me the opportunity, to have fun with my photography buddies. Not about contesting or getting prizes. Although we do not agree on some of the award results, as usual. Apart of work for living, in casual time, private time, photography is art, subjective feeling about how we see, feel, and think. Do not follow other’s path, always make own path on art.

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