Mid Autumn Festival 2014

Mid Autumn Festival day 2014

On Mid Autumn Festival day, I was working on some product photos shooting, and preparing the trip to Istanbul next day.

On this day, Chinese people usually home early for a family gathering dinner. Because the Mid Autumn Festival is about the loved ones gather, watch the most beautiful & largest full moon of the year. Coincidently this night’s moon is “Supermoon“, one of the closest and largest moon. Although this night I work late, the positive side is my enjoyment, working is one of my most liking things to do.

Mid Autumn Festival 2014

Mid Autumn Festival a.k.a. Mooncake Festival a.k.a. Moon Festival a.k.a. Reunion Festival. Behind the festival there are some Chinese mythologies.

When I was little, people gather at neighbourhood park areas light up colorful lanterns, then hang them on the trees, it was a very beautiful view, and very warm close activity of the community. Nowadays kids no longer fancy such celebrations, they rather prefer online games or other exciting activities.

Mid Autumn Festival 2014

I always feel that the more high techologies we get in our life, the worse communication & relationship we are getting. When the hi-tech seems brings a lot of benefits on fast easy communication, the fact is the lack of facial & body language expression, communication is ice cold, actually pushing each others away.

Maybe I am a qbit too old fashion, in this one of the most modern city, who in these days still prefer a real telephone call to ask about next week’s dinner out?

I am Hammond. Thank you for visiting & reading my blog, I hope you did not get bored, and in the future coming back. Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

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